Organic Volatilisation Near Imperceivable
Simon Whetham


Affects and aesthetic speculations
Nicola Di Croce


Acts and Recitals
Michał Wiśniowski


Soundscape Røst – Spaces and Species Vol I
Elin Már Øyen Vister


Mahler (in/a) Cage | Casetta di Composizione
Sergio Armaroli & Alessandro Camnasio


Circles and cycles
Kg Augenstern


The Nomadic Listener
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay


Ring Road Ring
Michael Lightborne


A soft hiss of this world
Tim Ingold & Carmen Pardo & Mikel R. Nieto


Path of the Wind
Eisuke Yanagisawa


Gregory Büttner


Sounds of the Projection Box
Michael Lightborne


F.Guyana & F.Guyana part II
Marc Namblard


Kg Augenstern


Dark Sound
Mikel R. Nieto


von der rheinquelle bis hafen karlsruhe
Thomas M. Siefert & Lasse-Marc Riek | rhein_strom


Sounds of Iceland – field recordings by Hafdís Bjarnadóttir
Hafdís Bjarnadóttir


David Michael & Slavek Kwi


Rodolphe ALEXIS


Mosaïque Mosaic
Christina Kubisch & Eckehard Güther


Lasse-Marc Riek


Angus Carlyle & Rupert Cox


Roland Etzin


The Slaughterhouse
David Michael


Some Memories of Bamboo
Angus Carlyle


PLACES_IN_TIME | 24seascapes
Manfred Waffender


PLACES_IN_TIME | Petersberg 2010 | The 4 Seasons
Manfred Waffender


PLACES_IN_TIME | norwayfjords
Manfred Waffender


PLACES_IN_TIME | Montepulciano
Manfred Waffender



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Gruen Digital.


Gruen 200
Anniversary issue by Gruenrekorder


The glittering thing on the mountain
Rodolphe ALEXIS


Water Beetles of Pollardstown Fen
Tom Lawrence


Antarctica: Musical Images from the Frozen Continent
Craig Vear
(Published by Craig Vear)


Fire and Frost Pattern
Andreas Bick


Marine Mammals and Fish of Lofoten and Vesterålen
Heike Vester


In The Shadow Of The Silent Mountain
Angus Carlyle




Animal Music – Sound & Song in the Natural World
Tobias Fischer & Lara Cory
(Strange Attractor & Gruenrekorder)


Swiss Mountain Transport Systems
Ernst Karel


Peter Cusack, Eric La Casa, Roland Etzin, Jez Riley French, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Dale Lloyd, Takefumi Naoshima, Lasse-Marc Riek, Sawako, Walter Tilgner
(Published by cherry music & Gruenrekorder)


Costa Gröhn


Rodolphe ALEXIS


Field Recordings from Barbados

Michael Peters


Recorded in China

Thomas André


day in dwarfs capital

Marcus Obst


Gurs. Drancy. Gare de Bobigny. Auschwitz. Birkenau. Chelmo-Kulmhof. Majdaneck. Solibor. Treblinka
Stéphane Garin & Sylvestre Gobart


PLACES_IN_TIME | Thailand & Myanmar
Manfred Waffender


PLACES_IN_TIME | lake > creek > ocean

Manfred Waffender


Ultrasonic Scapes

Eisuke Yanagisawa


Aud Ralph Roas’le

Craig Vear


kdi dctb 146 [e]

Cédric Peyronnet


The Clearing

Rebecca Joy Sharp & Simon Whetham



Ben Owen


Estrecho De Gibraltar

Roland Etzin


Dogs from the snowy country

Lasse-Marc Riek


Bat sounds in modifying technique
Matthias Göttsche


PLACES_IN_TIME | Tanzania/Zanzibar
Manfred Waffender


Scotland Field Recordings 04

Roland Etzin


Scenery of Water

Eisuke Yanagisawa


Bukarest | Bucuresti – fragmente

Greta Hoheisel & Norbert Lang


landscape in metamorphoses

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay





Pfalz II




Lasse-Marc Riek



Simon Whetham


field recordings of baja and mexico city

Tobias Bolt


Recorded in Yemen

Maksims Shentelevs


Recorded in the field by…

Aaron Ximm, Chris Watson, Costa Gröhn, Dallas Simpson, Daniel Knef, Derek Holzer, Gabi Schaffner, [sic] (Jen Morris), Lasse-Marc Riek, Maksim Shentelev, Dronaement (Marcus Obst), triPhaze (Marek Brandt), Robert Curgenven, Roland Etzin, Yannick Dauby